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Ocean Productivity Pertubation EXperiment

OPPEX-I Final Report
OPPEX-I Final Report

The Ocean Productivity Perturbation EXperiment (OPPEX-I) was a field experiment designed to test the Karl and Letelier hypothesis, namely that deep nutrient rich water with excess phosphorus relative to nitrogen compared to the Redfield ratio of 16N:1P, upwelled into the photic zone would stimulate a two stage phytoplankton bloom. This hypothesis may be a more general mechanism to explain the observed enigmatic summertime blooms that develop near Station ALOHA, 22o 45'N, 158o 00'W.

This experiment utilized commercially available Atmocean Wave Driven Ocean Upwelling Pumps. This commercial technology has not been extensively field tested so this was a true test of the technology. We conducted two research cruises aboard the R/V Kilo Moana spaced eleven days apart to test this hypothesis.

This report provides a detailed discussion of the operations, results including science and engineering, the future, cruise reports, and the abstract to a manuscript currently being prepared.


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