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Hawaii Ocean Experiment - Budget Of Energy (HOE-BOE)

What's New
  • Added HB 1, 2A & 2C Nutrient Data
  • Added HB-1 Low-level Nitrogen Data
  • Added HB-2A & 2C PC/PN WC & diel Data
  • Added HB 1, 2A & 2C HPLC Data

Event Calendar
Date Event
March 11-25, 2014 HOE-BOE 1
June 4-8, 2014 HOE-BOE 2A
June 16-27, 2014 HOE-BOE 2C
Decemeber 8-12, 2014 HOE-BOE 3


The Hawaii Ocean Experiment - Budget Of Energy (HOE-BOE) comprised four oceanographic cruises that maintained concurrent scientific research, but also some slight differences in their specific objectives and operational plans. The overall objective of HOE-BOE was to constrain the budget of energy for the euphotic layer of the water column, including the input of solar energy in the biological system, and the transformation and loss of this energy due to biogenic and non-biogenic processes.

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HOE-BOE explanitory figure