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Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC)

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  • Entered SWAC 15-18 DICs & Alkalinities
  • Entered SWAC 31-33 Inorganic Nutrients
  • SWAC-33
  • SWAC-32


A sea water air conditioning (SWAC) system (also called district cooling) can be a cost-effective use of a renewable energy source to offset the conventional air conditioning that consumes four to 12 times more electricity.

With SWAC, cold sea water is pumped from hundreds of feet below the surface to a cooling station on shore. This station transfers the salt water's coldness to fresh water circulating in a closed loop that carries it to customer buildings. The cooling station ensures that sea water and fresh water never mix. Warmed sea water is returned to the ocean through another pipe and diffuser located at a shallower depth. ["Hawaii's Energy Future"]

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