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Survey of Underwater Plastic and Ecosystem Response : Hawai'i to California (SUPER-HI-CAT)

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Talking about plastic debris, ocean food chain

"Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education (C-MORE) participant Tara Clemente was interviewed for a Hawai'i Public Radio report entitled 'Plastic Debris Pollute Ocean and Food Chain.' Clemente was Chief Scientist on the C-MORE SUPER (Survey of Underwater Plastic and Ecosystem Response) cruise, which examined plastic debris during a transit from Hawai'i to California between 25 August and 5 September 2008." (SOEST in the news)

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What's New
  • Added DOC data
  • Added HPLC Pigment data
  • Updated Alkalinity data
  • Added Particulate Silica data


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The objective of this cruise was to locate and sample the microbial communities and biogeochemical properties associated with the Pacific plastic patch between Honolulu, Hawaii and Port Hueneme, California. Hydrographic and biogeochemical data was collected to characterize the upper water column. A Manta trawl was used to map the horizontal distribution of the plastic patch. A LISST and HYPERPRO radiometer were used to characterize particle size distribution and optical properties of the upper water column. Weather forecasts, shipboard ADCP data and satellite images were used to help us locate the plastic patch which in the past had been located in regions of calm weather between 30-35o N Latitude and 150-130o W Longitude.

CMORE-SUPER-HI-CAT cruise track