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Biogeochemistry of the Upper ocean: Latitudinal Assessment (BULA)

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What's New
  • Added DIC & Alkalinity data
  • Added HPLC Pigment data
  • Added Inorganic Nutrient data
  • Added Particulate Carbon & Nitrogen data


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This transect from Suva, Fiji to Honolulu, Hawaii was the inagural cruise of the Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education (C-MORE). Some of the many goals were: (1) to identify prominent trends in plankton biomass, biomass structure, and elemental stoichiometry, (2) to examine latitudinal variability in upper ocean concentrations of colored dissolved organic matter and trace metal ligands, (3) to isolate new Prochlorococcus strains, (4) to optically determine upper ocean biogeochemical variables, (5) to study the distribution, production and loss rates of dissolved hydrogen and its relationship to nitrogen fixation, (6) to study viral diversity along biogeochemical gradients, (7) to assay spatial distributions of microbial community structure based on rRNA fingerprinting and sequencing, and (8) to assess spacial variability in photophysiological responses to photoautotrophs.

CMORE-BULA cruise track