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Hawaii Ocean Experiment - Dynamics of Light and Nutrients (HOE-DYLAN)

What's New
  • Added HD 5, 7 & 9 LLN Data
  • Added HD 5 FCM (Diel) Data
  • Added all avaiable data for HD 3
  • Added HD 5, 7 & 9 HPLC Data

Event Calendar

Below is an unofficial calendar for post-cruise discussions, designed towards presenting the findings from HOE-DYLAN at ASLO 2014 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The official dates for post-cruise meetings will be emailed to everyone and posted online closer to the time.

Date Event
Jan 14, 2013 Videoconference
Apr 2013 UH Conference
May 2013 Call for ASLO 2014 session proposals
Jul 8-9 2013 Videoconference
Oct 2013 Abstract submission for ASLO 2014
Nov 2013 Postcruise Workshop
Feb 23-28, 2014 Ocean Science, Honolulu

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In the summer of 2012, C-MORE conducted a "continuous" long-term field experiment at Station ALOHA to observe and interpret temporal variability in microbial processes, and the consequences for ecological dynamics and biogeochemical cycling. Special focus was given to time-space coupling because proper scale sampling of the marine environment is an imperative, but generally neglected aspect of marine microbiology.

HOE-DYLAN Instruments
Sample Database
  • Time-series measurements

    Includes the physical, chemical and biological datasets which were collected either by shipboard CTD, floats, seagliders, or via the ships underway system. Sampling was typically conducted throughout summer 2012 (in contrast to Discrete measurements, which where the samples collected on a single cruise).

  • Sediment trap samples

    Free drifting sediment traps were deployed for 12 days on HD-5 and HD-9 during the summer. The traps consisted of 12 collection tubes located at 12 depths between 100 and 500 m. Upon recovery the traps were sampled for a diverse suite of biogeochemical parameters, as detailed in the planning documents, located under "Documents".

  • Discrete cruise measurements/experiments

    In addition to the time-series measurements, the water column was sampled for other analyses and a wide variety of deckboard incubation experiments. It is difficult to capture the entire range of samples and resulting datasets derived from these experiments and instead we have provided a brief description of the discrete measurements, together with the person responsible and the relevant cruise ID.