Laboratory for Microbial Oceanography
in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Terrence Houlihan?

Terrence A. Houlihan


Address:    PO Box 62315
            Honolulu, HI

Telephone:  H: (808) 261-7004
            W: (808) 956-7779



Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA 95521
B.S. degree, May 1988
Major: Physical Oceanography

Work Experience

Research Associate (3/91-Present). Employed as a technician in the Oceanography Department at The University of Hawaii working on Time-series process oriented study 100 km north of Oahu. We collect and analyze a regime of parameters relating to the biological and chemical properties of the subtropical Pacific gyre. Some of the analytical instruments used include: gc for elemental carbon and nitrogen, autoanalyzer for inorganic nutrients, fluorometer and spectrophotometer chemiluminescent method for low level nitrogen. Both hardware and software experience with PC and UNIX machines and networks and associated programs.

Water Quality Chemist (8/89-3/91). Operated chemical lab for aquaculture firm which included monitoring and sampling nutrients and trace metals in tank and ponds and operating automated nutrient analysis instrument, Alpkem RFA/2. Other positions at Ocean Farms included growout supervisor and research diver. These positions entailed supervising and coordinating responsibilities for employees of growout department, monitoring inventory, water chemistry, feeding and harvest records while preparing weekly computer printouts using both IBM compatible and Macintosh computers and software.

Research/Instrument Technician (4/88-8/89). Assisted in field data collection and processing including manual and automated (Alpkem RFA/2) nutrient analyses; CTD (Hydrolab Surveyor II, InterOcean S4P) operation, maintenance and calibration; dive locker coordinator including gear maintenance, compressor operation and research diving; wet lab coordinator including water quality monitoring and facility use allocation; computer hardware maintenance including hard disc installation and cable design and construction.

Related Skills

SCUBA Diving - PADI Advanced Open Water Certification. Extensive cold water and research diving experience. Dive locker management including compressor and cascade bank use and equipment repair.

Computer Skills - Familiarity with microcomputer and mainframe usage. Programming knowledge in Pascal, Fortran, Forth, Basic, machine and assembly languages. Experienced with Lotus, Supercalc, Surfer, Sigmaplot, Word, Excel and other IBM PC and Macintosh software. Hardware maintenance and cable design and construction. Experience with electronic instrumentation theory, operation, trouble shooting and construction.

Marine Research Techniques - Knowledge of oceanographic field procedures including various substrate sampling methods and sediment analysis; hydrocast operation including winch operation; manual and automated water chemistry analysis; oceanographic field and lab equipment operation, maintenance and calibration.

Research Assistant (9/83-6/84). Participated as a field technician in a study of physical oceanographic trends as related to nearshore longshore current patterns.

Carpenter (1978-1987). Worked for various construction firms as a professional during the above period. Areas of work included commercial and residential projects. Six Rivers Construction, California Ave., Arcata, CA 95521; Golden West Construction Co., Rockway Ave., San Francisco, CA 94127; Van, Catlin and Flemming Construction Co., Harlon St., Emeryville, CA 94608

Published presentations and abstracts

1994  HOULIHAN, T., J. E. DORE, L. TUPAS, D. V. HEBEL, G. TIEN and D.
M. KARL.  Freezing as a method of preservation for seawater dissolved
nutrient and organic carbon samples, p. 62.  Abstract of The
Oceanography Society Pacific Basin Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, July

variability in microbial biomass in the Gerlache Strait:  A feast or
famine existence.  Antarctic Journal of the United States 27: 166-167.

1993  DORE, J. E., T. HOULIHAN AND D. M. KARL.  RACER: Nitrogen
remineralization within antarctic sea-ice during the 1992 austral
winter.  Antarctic Journal of the United States 28: 167-169. 

1993 HOULIHAN, T. AND D. M. KARL.  Palmer LTER: Dissolved silicic
acid-nitrate relationships during austral autumn 1993.  Antarctic
Journal of the United States 28: 219-221.

1994  KARL, D. M., V. ASPER, J. DORE, T. HOULIHAN and D. HEBEL.  The
Palmer- LTER sediment trap array experiment:  Initial results.
Antarctic Journal of the United States 29: 222-224.

Refereed scientific publications

1996  DORE, J. E., T. HOULIHAN, D. V. HEBEL, G. TIEN, L. M. TUPAS and
D. M.  KARL.  Freezing as a method of seawater preservation for the
analysis of dissolved inorganic nutrients in seawater.  Marine
Chemistry 53: 173-185.