Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT)
in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Deep-Sea Research II vol 43

Deep-Sea Research II: Volume 43, No. 2-3, 1996

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Topical Studies in Oceanograpy

Ocean Time-series: Results from the Hawaii and Bermuda Research Programs

Guest Editors: D. M. Karl and A. F. Michaels


D.M. KARL and A.F. MICHAELS 127 Preface: The Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) and Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS)
D.M. KARL and R. LUKAS 129 The Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) program: Background, rationale and field implementation
A.F. MICHAELS and A.H. KNAP 157 Overview of the U.S. JGOFS Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study and the Hydrostation S program
F.M. BINGHAM and R. LUKAS 199 Seasonal cycles of temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen observed in the Hawaii Ocean Time-series
S.C. KENNAN and R. LUKAS 215 Saline intrusions in the intermediate waters north of Oahu, Hawaii
R. LUKAS and F. SANTIAGO-MANDUJANO 243 Interannual variability of Pacific deep- and bottom-waters observed in the Hawaii Ocean Time-series
G.T. MITCHUM 257 On using satellite altimetric heights to provide a spatial context for the Hawaii Ocean Time-series measurements
E. FIRING 281 Currents observed north of Oahu during the first five years of HOT
S.M. CHISWELL 305 Intra-annual oscillations at Station ALOHA, north of Oahu, Hawaii
D.A. SIEGEL and A.F. MICHAELS 321 Quantification of non-algal light attenuation in the Sargasso Sea: Implications for biogeochemistry and remote sensing
N.R. BATES, A.F. MICHAELS and A.H. KNAP 347 Seasonal and interannual variability of oceanic carbon dioxide species at the U.S. JGOFS Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS) site
J.E. DORE and D.M. KARL 385 Nitrite distributions and dynamics at Station ALOHA
F. LIPSCHULTZ, 0.C. ZAFIRIOU and L.A. BALL 403 Seasonal fluctuations of nitrite concentrations in the deep oligotrophic ocean
N.A.D. WASER, M.P. BACON and A.F. MICHAELS 421 Natural activities of 32P and 33P and the 33P/32P ratio in suspended particulate matter and plankton in the Sargasso Sea
M.A. BRZEZINSKI and D.M. NELSON 437 Chronic substrate limitation of silicic acid uptake rates in the western Sargasso Sea
M.L.A.M. CAMPOS, A.M. FARRENKOPF, T.D. JICKELLS and G.W. LUTHER, III 455 A comparison of dissolved iodine cycling at the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Station and Hawaii Ocean Time-series Station
R.M. LETELIER, J.E. DORE, C.D. WINN and D.M. KARL 467 Seasonal and interannual variations in photosynthetic carbon assimilation at Station ALOHA
C.A. CARLSON, H.W. DUCKLOW and T.D. SLEETER 491 Stocks and dynamics of bacterioplankton in the northwestern Sargasso Sea
R.A. ANDERSEN, R.R. BIDIGARE, M.D. KELLEFZ and M. LATASA 517 A comparison of HPLC pigment signatures and electron microscopic observations for oligotrophic waters of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
D.M. KARL, J.R. CHRISTIAN, J.E. DORE, D.V. HEBEL, R.M. LETELIER, L.M. TUPAS and C.D. WINN 539 Seasonal and interannual variability in primary production and particle flux at Station ALOHA
R. SCHUDLICH and S. EMERSON 569 Gas supersaturation in the surface ocean: The roles of heat flux, gas exchange, and bubbles
S.C. DONEY, D.M. GLOVER and R.G. NAJJAR 591 A new coupled, one-dimensional biological-physical model for the upper ocean: Applications to the JGOFS Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS) site
L.M. LAWSON, E.E. HOFMANN and Y.H. SPITZ 625 Time series sampling and data assimilation in simple marine ecosystem model
G.C. HURTT and R.A. ARMStrONG 653 A pelagic ecosystem model calibrated with BATS data
685 Erratum