K-12 Teacher Resources and Opportunities

microscope image Microscopes in Middle Schools

C-MORE brought the exciting world of plankton to 58 of Hawai‘i’s public middle schools through our Microscopes in Middle Schools project. Teachers from Hawai‘i middle schools statewide participated in professional development workshops on microscopy, and they left with digital video microscopes, plankton nets and associated supplies for their schools. Click here to learn more.

science kit image Borrow Our Free Hands-on Science Kits

C-MORE Science Kits include lesson plans and materials for hands-on science activities in a self-contained format. They are designed for use with a range of grade levels. Each kit provides the information and supplies necessary for educators to teach their students about a particular topic in oceanography. These easy-to-use kits are a great resource for any classroom. Check them out!

GEMS image Grants for Education in Microbial Science (GEMS)

C-MORE awarded grants (up to $1500) to K–12 public school teachers to foster awareness in microbial science. Funds were used for equipment, consumable supplies, substitute teacher compensation to enable the teacher to participate in shipboard or laboratory experiences, bus transportation for field trips, and other projects related to microbial science. Every grant required a C-MORE sponsor, so this program promoted interaction between C-MORE scientists, other stakeholders in science and education, K–12 teachers, and students. Learn more about this program on the GEMS page.

Small STARS image Science Teachers Aboard Research Ships (STARS)

Approximately once a month the Hawaii Ocean Time Series (HOT) program operates a four-day research cruise to Station ALOHA. From 2007 to 2015, 66 K–12 teachers joined HOT cruises as part of the C-MORE-led STARS program. Teachers participated in every aspect of sampling aboard the ship and worked alongside other teachers and scientists. Activities ranged from hands-on sampling, to processing and analyzing seawater samples in the lab, to classroom-ready exercises and lectures. Teachers learned about all aspects of oceanographic research during the cruises, and particular emphasis was placed on the exciting field of microbial oceanography! Learn more about it on the STARS page.

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