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giant microbeMicrobe IQ

Test your Microbe IQ! High scores earn an achievement award.

microbe personality quiz image Microbe Personality Quiz

Take our fun online microbe personality quiz and and find out which microbe is most like you!


Understanding C-MORE’s microbial personality quiz

Download the dichotomous key and relationship trees (PDFs in English and Español) to discover how we characterized different marine microbes and incorporated them into our special online microbe personality quiz. Once your students have identified their microbial match, you can use these resources to stimulate discussion in your classroom about how organisms are classified and about the broad range of attributes that enable organisms to occupy various niches.

Note: If your students don't have access to computers, you can make — or have them make — a quiz booklet. Just print out the double-sided downloadable microbe personality quiz flipbook (3.2 MB PDFs for grades K–5 in English, and for grades 6 and up in English, Español, or Deutsch), cut each page in half the short way, and then staple into a booklet.

“A Day in the Life of Alex Trebek” — Oceanography Jeopardy!

Photo of teacher and students Wrap up your high school marine science class with this fun review of important oceanography concepts (PDF). Use it as a guide to direct your lesson planning or modify it to reflect the material that you already covered. Oceanography jeopardy is educational, entertaining, and easy to run!

This activity will engage your entire class and help students solidify the lessons that they learned over the semester.