ALOHA Operations Advisory

ALOHA Observatory

*A map of current fixtures at Station ALOHA to note for collision avoidance if at Station ALOHA.

Because of the variety of oceanographic operations and instruments at Station ALOHA, those studying Station ALOHA would appreciate sensitivity when visiting the site. Anything that vessels and their crew that pass by or through Station ALOHA can do to leave the ecosystem undisturbed will improve the quality of information gained and conclusions drawn from the location. Station ALOHA was chosen for these extensive studies to be representative of the great North Pacific Ocean and increased human activity in the area makes it a less accurate representation.

When possible, steps should be taken to keep Station ALOHA as close to its natural state as possible, such as refraining from fishing, especially near buoys, and waiting to dump materials overboard until well away from Station ALOHA.

If you are a scientist interested in conducting a study, oceanographic or otherwise, at Station ALOHA, contact Angel White for operations coordination.