SOEST Ocean Gliders (SOG)
in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa

SG114 Deployment History: MIA SeaGliders (SOEST)

Mission 4: Data Config.
7/26/09 Lost
- Searched by R/V Klaus Wyrtki. Used pinger to try and get slant range. No response from SG.
7/7/09 Stopped communicating
- deployed: 5 days
7/2/09 Deployed off Kewalo Basin by Force
6/17/09 Arrived back from UW
SG114, mission 4, cruise track
Mission 3: Data Config. Contours
2/12/09 Shipped to UW for recalibration & battery replacement
12/10/08 Recovered
- nearing end of battery life
- deployed: 78 days
9/23/08 Deployed S. of Diamond Head
7/1/08 Arrived back from UW
SG114, mission 3, cruise track
Mission 1: Data Health Config. Contours
Dec 07 Shipped to UW for refurbishment
12/1/07 Washed up on Kauai
10/4/07 Lost
- stopped communicating
- deployed: ~54 days
8/12/07 Deployed during CMORE-BLOOMER
SG114, mission 1, cruise track
Mission 0:
7/?/06 Damaged
6/12/06 Deployed during RIMPAC
6/6/06 Arrived from UW