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Housing/Travel Arrangements/Hawaii Climate print.

Students shared dormitory rooms on the University of Hawaii campus. These rooms are not air conditioned and could be warm in the evening. Linens were provided by the campus housing; however, students needed to bring a towel. A map of the University of Hawaii campus was provided so that students could become familiar with the layout of the campus. Students were housed on the East-West Center cottages and lectures and laboratories occured in the Marine Science Building and the Pacific Ocean Science and Technology Building.
Meals were provided three times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) through the University of Hawaii campus meal plan. These meals were available at a central cafeteria. (For more information on the University of Hawaii at Moana campus, please click here.)
While at sea, students shared cabins. All linen were provided on the research vessel. In addition, three meals were served at sea. Although the R/V Kilo Moana is renowned for its stability at sea, students prone to seasickness, or those unsure if they get seasick, were advised to bring appropriate medication.

Travel Arrangements
For travel arrangements, students were advised to contact Lynnell Yee, European World Travel, at (877) 925-558, or by email at

Hawaii Climate
In July, daytime temperatures in Hawaii can be hot (average temperature in July 29.4°C), but most building are air conditioned. Students were advised to bring clothing that suits the climate; shorts could be worn during lectures and laboratories. We suggested bringing a long sleeved sweatshirt to be worn in the air conditioned classrooms. Closed-toed shoes were required during laboratory research. In addition, while at sea, students were advised to bring closed toed shoes that can get wet.

Honolulu Weather Forecast:

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