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Course Schedule, 2006 print.
March 30 Student Application Deadline
April 28 Selection of Students Finalized
June 20 Students arrive in Honolulu, Hawaii / Check into University of Hawaii Housing
June 21 Course begins
June 21-24 Theme 1: Visualizing Microbes: Constraining Microbial Biomass in the Sea
June 26-July 3 Theme 2: Controls on Microbial Activity and Growth
July 1 First Public Symposium: Controls on the Microbial Loop
July 5-10 First Cruise aboard R/V Kilo Moana
July 11-15 Theme 3: Sensing the Sea: From Genes to Satellites
July 15 Second Public Symposium: Merging Genomics and Oceanography
July 16-21 Second Cruise aboard R/V Kilo Moana
July 22-28 Theme 4: Merging Models and Reality
July 30 Check Out of University of Hawaii Housing