Collaborative Scientific Cruises with
the Schmidt Ocean Institute

Victor Zykov

Victor Zykov, Ph.D.

Director of Science Operations, Schmidt Ocean Institute

Wednesday 4 January 2012
11 am HST (1 pm PST / 4 pm EST)

C-MORE Hale Moore Conference Center (1950 East-West Road)
or watch as it is streamed live from the C-MORE home page.

Schmidt Ocean Institute is a new oceanographic institution founded by Dr. Eric Schmidt and Wendy Schmidt in March 2009 to support research and exploration projects that help expand the understanding of the world's oceans through technological advancement, intelligent, data-rich observation and analysis, and open sharing of information. The mission of the Schmidt Ocean Institute is to combine advanced science with state-of-the art technology on our globally capable research vessels to create lasting legacy in ocean exploration and discovery, catalyze open sharing of information about the oceans, and foster deeper understanding of our environment. The mission of the SOI is intentionally broad, as we approach ocean research from the engineering and operational perspectives. We aim to operate R/V Falkor as a multi-functional oceanographic research facility suitable for a variety of scientific projects that fit within the broad scope of our mission. Our operational model is based on supporting scientific research at sea by providing the collaborating scientists with free access to our research vessels, on-board equipment, and associated technical support in exchange for a commitment to openly share the resulting scientific data.

In Q2 of 2012, the Schmidt Ocean Institute will start operating a newly refitted globally capable research vessel Falkor. Through this series of seminars at the world's top research institutions, we aim to build a network of scientific collaborations, and compile a collection of research project leads, that we will use to invite select groups of scientist to prepare research proposals for the SOI. R/V Falkor cruise plan currently includes operations in the Gulf of Mexico in late 2012 and early 2013 followed by a transit into the North Eastern Pacific and towards the Central Pacific in 2013–2014, and Australia in 2014–2015. Schmidt Ocean Institute is a private nonprofit operating foundation, and not a grant making organization. We seek projects leveraging external funding sources for non-ship related expenses and costs specific to individual scientific projects. We encourage diverse multi-disciplinary and inter-institutional projects and teams.

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