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in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa
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SG626 Deployment History: ALOHA SeaGliders (D. Karl)

Mission 2: Data Config.
2018 SCOPE-Falkor cruise
6/28/18 Recovered by R/V Ka'Imikai-O-Kanaloa during HOT-303
- shark bites noted
- deployed: 137 days
- borrowed Wetlabs BB2FL s/n 1404 to use on WaveGlider - lost
3/14/18 Deployed by R/V Falkor during the SCOPE-Falkor cruise at the north-eastern edge of a cyclonic eddy formation north of Maui, with the mission of surveying the frontal region between the cyclonic eddy and an adjacent anticyclonic eddy doing a zig-zag track following satellite sea level altimetry contours.
2/12/18 Back from refurbishment at Kongsberg
SG626, mission 2, cruise track
Mission 1: Data Config.
4/27/17 Recovered at Stn. ALOHA by R/V Ka'Imikai-O-Kanaloa during HOT-292
- questionable battery life
- deployed: 93 days
1/25/17 Deployed at Stn. ALOHA by R/V Kilo Moana during HOT-289
Jul 16 Arrived from Kongsberg
SG626, mission 1, cruise track