Data Policy

This policy offers a set of guidelines to ensure that data collected as part of C-MORE activities are shared between C-MORE teams, made available to the research community at large, and made available to the public. As a collaborative center, we strive to make datasets as widely available as possible at the earliest reasonable time. The guidelines were compiled in an effort to promote collaboration while protecting the intellectual property rights of C-MORE members. 

Unless otherwise specified, “data” or “datasets” mentioned below refer to any data relevant to C-MORE research.

C-MORE data sharing guidelines

Responsibilities of the C-MORE researcher

Responsibilities of the C-MORE data management team

Publication of data


This data policy was compiled by the C-MORE data management team (Jasmine Nahorniak, Dave Karl, Ed DeLong, Ricardo Letelier, Scott Doney, and Paul Kemp). Questions concerning the policy should be addressed to the C-MORE data manager, Jasmine Nahorniak.

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