Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT)
in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa

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HOT-75 Commemorative Science Symposium

"New Views of an Old Ocean"
9 September 1996, East-West Center, Pacific Room

Scientific Program


0830-0845: registration, coffee, posters
0845-0900: welcome, logistics and introduction to the HOT program David Karl
0900-0920: Joint Global Ocean Flux Study -- Vision and Progress Hugh Ducklow
0920-0935: Secular Changes in Inorganic Carbon Parameters at HOT and BATS Christopher Winn
0935-0950: A Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Budget at Station ALOHA Paul Quay and Heather Anderson
0950-1005: Inert Gases as Tracers of Diapycnal Mixing in the Upper Ocean Steven Emerson, Chuck Stump and David Wilber
1005-1020: Cold Bottom Water Events Observed in the Hawaii Ocean Time-series: Modelling and Implications for Vertical Mixing Fernando Santiago-Mandujano and Roger Lukas
1020-1045: coffee break / posters
1045-1100: Currents in the Vicinity of Station ALOHA: An Update Eric Firing
1100-1115: Variations in Iron, Aluminum, Beryllium and Barium Concentrations in Surface Waters at Station ALOHA Sue Vink, Kelly Falkner, Vangielynn Tersol, Jinchun Yuan and Christopher Measures
1115-1130: Dissolved Organic Carbon Dynamics in the Upper Water Column at Station ALOHA Luis Tupas, Georgia Tien, Dale Hebel and David Karl
1130-1145: Effects of a Subsurface Trichodesmium spp. Bloom on the Optical Relectance Measured in the Upper 150 m of the Water Column in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre Ricardo Letelier and Mark Abbott
1145-1200: Nitrification, New Production and Nitrious Oxide at Station ALOHA John Dore and David Karl
1200-1330: lunch break / posters
1330-1400: The Bermuda Atlantic Time-Series Study (BATS): A View from the "Other" Ocean Anthony Michaels and Anthony Knap
1400-1415: A Comparison of HPLC Pigment Signatures and Electron Microscopic Observations for Oligotrophic Waters of the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans Robert Bidigare, Mikel Latasa, Robert Andersen and Maureen Keller
1415-1430: Annual Variability of Phytoplankton and Bacteria in the Subtropical North Pacific Ocean at Station ALOHA during the 1991-1994 ENSO Event Lisa Campbell, Hongbin Liu, Hector Nolla and Daniel Vaulot
1430-1445: Prochlorococcus Growth Rate and Daily Variability at Station ALOHA Hongbin Liu, Lisa Campbell and Hector Nolla
1445-1500: Station ALOHA N-cycle: The Case for N2 Fixation David Karl, Luis Tupas, Dale Hebel, Ricardo Letelier, James Christian and John Dore
1500-1530: coffee break / posters
1530-1545: Seasonal and Diurnal Variability of the Mesozooplankton Community at Ocean Station ALOHA Michael Landry, Karen Selph and Hussain Al-Mutari
1545-1600: Particle Concentrations at the Hawaii Ocean Time-series Station (Station ALOHA) Measured with an Optical Plankton Counter Mai Lopez and Mark Huntley
1600-1615: Vertical Fluxes of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus at the US-JGOFS Time-series Station ALOHA James Christian, Marlon Lewis and David Karl
1615-1630: Vertical Flux of Diatoms at the JGOFS/WOCE Station ALOHA Renate Scharek, Mikel Latasa, David Karl and Robert Bidigare
1630-1645: Seafloor Inventories of Pb-210, Th-234 and Benthic Biomass as Proxies for Deep POC Flux: Placing Export Production as the HOT Station in a General Oceanic Context Craig Smith, Robert Miller, Robin Pope and David DeMaster
1645-1700: general discussion and symposium summary David Karl
1700: Reception - Marine Science Building lanai


P-1 A Potentiostatic, Solid-state Oxygen Sensor for Oceanic Ctds Marlin Atkinson
P-2 HOT-DOGS: A New Tool for HOT Program Data Base Analysis and Presentation Lance A. Fujieki
P-3 The Importance of Organic Exudates in the Measurement of Oligotrophic Ocean Primary Production Dale Hebel, Luis Tupas and David Karl
P-4 Regionalization of Station ALOHA David Karl, Dale Hebel and Luis Tupas
P-5 The "Forgotten" Open Ocean P-Cycle David Karl, Georgia Tien, Karin Björkman, Katsumi Yanagi, Ricardo Letelier, Albert Colman and Angie Thomson
P-6 Flow Cytometry Correction Factors for Enumeration of Heterotrophic Bacteria and Phytoplankton Hector Nolla, Julie Kirshtein, Michael Landry, David Karl, Lisa Cambell and David Pence
P-7 Hydrogen Peroxide Measurements at Station ALOHA Georgia Tien, David Pence and David Karl