Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT)
in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Ancillary Projects Supported by HOT

Principal Investigator Institution Funding Agency Duration Project Title
Marlin Atkinson University of Hawaii NSF 12/88 - 12/95 Calibration Stability of Two New Oxygen Sensors for Ctds
Claudia Benitez-Nelson University of South Carolina NSF 11/98 - 11/02 234Th export
Karin Björkman University of Hawaii NSF 4/99 - 8/02 Coupled intensification of N and P cycles in the subtropical North Pacific Ocean
Edward Boyle MIT NSF HALE ALOHA: Trace metals
Mark Brzezinski UCSB NSF 1/08 - 12/09 Silica production and dissolution rate measurements
John Bullister PMEL NSF 12/04 - 12/11 CFC and SF6 geochemistry
Lisa Campbell Texas A&M University NSF 3/91 - 2/94 Phytoplankton Population Dynamics at the Hawaii Ocean Time-series Station
Lisa Campbell, Giacomo DiTullio Texas A&M University, College of Charleston NSF 11/94 - 10/97 Effects of light and nitrogen source on Prochlorococcus growth
Penny Chisholm MIT NSF 10/02 - 1/11 Prochlorococcus ecotype dynamics
Matthew Church University of Hawaii NSF 8/09 - 12/16 Nitrogen fixation in a high CO2 world
Matthew Church University of Montana, Flathead Lake Bio Station NSF 1/17 - present Diversity and activities of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms
James Cowen University of Hawaii NSF 8/92 - 12/94 Studies on the Dynamics of Marine Snow and Particle Aggregation in the North Pacific Central Gyre
Andrew Dickson UCSD, SIO NSF 1/11 - present 13C/12C Ratio of Atmosphere Carbon Dioxide and Oceanic Carbon in Relation to the Global Carbon Cycle
Henrieta Dulaiova & Ken Buesseler University of Hawaii NSF 1/12 - 12/13 Japanese radionuclide release sampling
Steve Emerson University of Washington NSF 10/93 - 9/96 Ocean Oxygen Fluxes
Steve Emerson University of Washington NSF HALE-ALOHA: dissolved gases
Erica Goetze University of Hawaii NSF 1/13 - 12/16 Temporal stability of copepod poulations at Station ALOHA
Barry Huebert & Byron Bloomquist University of Hawaii NASA 1/11 - 12/11 Air-sea gas exchange
Mark Huntley Cornell University, Ithaca ONR 2/95 - 12/97 Particle Size Distribution at Stn. ALOHA Measured with an Optical Plnakton Counter
Hans Jannasch MBARI MBARI HALE-ALOHA: automated nutrients
Ken Johnson, Steve Riser & Dana Swift UW/MBARI NSF 1/13 - 12/16 APEX profiling instrument deployments
David Karl University of Hawaii NSF LTER Cross-site Comparison Microbial Loop Dynamics
Karl, Chisholm, Zehr & DeLong various NFS 1/97 - 12/14 C-MORE Microbial RNA/DNA
Karl, DeLong & others various Simons Foundation 10/14 - present Simons Collaboration on Ocean Processes and Ecology
David Karl & Sara Ferron-Smith University of Hawaii NSF 1/17 - present Determination of gross primary production
David Karl & Renate Scharek University of Hawaii NSF 1/95 - 5/96 Diatom population dynamics
David Karl & Sam Wilson University of Hawaii NSF 1/13 - present Reduced gases in the upper ocean: The cycling of methane, sulfide and nitrous oxide
Charles Keeling UCSD, SIO NSF 12/88 - 12/10 A Study of the Abundance and 13C/12C Ratio of Atmosphere Carbon Dioxide and Oceanic Carbon in Relation to the Global Carbon Cycle
Matthew McCarthy & Tom Guilderson UCSC NSF 1/17 - 12/17 Sediment trap samples to look at amino acid-based paleo proxies
Edward Laws, Brian Popp University of Hawaii NSF Isotopic composition of phytoplankton
Ricardo Letelier Oregon State University NASA HALE-ALOHA: biooptics
Ricardo Letelier Oregon State University NASA TSRB validation of satellite remote sensing
George W. Luther III University of Delaware NSF 2/93 - 1/96 Iodine Speciation as a Primary Productivity Indicator
Christopher Measures University of Hawaii ONR 4/93 - 12/95 Temporal Variation of Dissolved Trace Element Concentrations in Response to Asian Dust Inputs
Adina Paytan UCSC NSF 1/12 - 12/13 O18 natural abundance
Brian Popp, Dave Karl University of Hawaii NSF 6/91 - 5/94 Isotopic Analysis of DOC and Cell Concentrates
Brian Popp/ Nathaniel Ostrom University of Hawaii, Michigan State University NSF Origins of oceanic N2O
John Porter University of Hawaii NASA 1/98 - 10/01 Aerosols at Station ALOHA
Paul Quay University of Washington NOAA 6/93 - present 13C/12C of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in the Ocean
Mike Rappé University of Hawaii NSF Marine bacterioplankton community structure
Francis Sansone University of Hawaii ONR 1/96 - 12/01 Upper Ocean Methane Dynamics
Ken Smith UCSD, Scripps Inst. of Oceanography NSF Organic carbon utilization by deep-sea sediment communities
Hans Thierstein Geological Institute Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Swiss FIT 1/93 - 10/96 Calcareous Phytoplankton Dynamics
Bettina Voelker Colorado School of Mines NSF 1/11 - 12/11 Peroxidases
Angelicque White OSU NASA 1/11 - 12/14 Particle size and productivity
Peter le B Williams University of Wales, Bangor NERC 4/01 - 5/02 Oxygen Flux
Jonathan Zehr UC Santa Cruz NFS 1/96 - 7/09 Nitrogen fixation genes