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Laboratory for Microbial Oceanography:

The present staff of the laboratory includes the following individuals:

Karin Björkman Tara Clemente Ken Doggett
Karin Björkman
Research specialist
Tara Clemente
Research associate
Ken Doggett
Research associate
Lance A. Fujieki Eric Grabowski Dave Karl
Lance A. Fujieki
Computer specialist
Eric Grabowski
Research associate
David Karl
Director of C-MORE & HOT program co-P.I.
Lisa Lum Blake Watkins
Lisa Lum
Program specialist
Blake Watkins
Marine engineer

Former staff personnel and visitors with current affiliations:

Ricardo Letelier, Oregon State University
James Christian, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, University of Maryland
David Pence, University of Hawaii
David Bird, University of Quebec, Canada
Fredd Dobbs, Old Dominion University
Craig Moyer, Western Washington University
Rich Muller, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory
Renate Scharek, Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Bremerhaven, Germany
Don Wright
Albert Colman, Yale University
Georgia Tien, University of Hawaii
Angie Thomson-Bulldis, University of Washington
Stuart Donachie, University of Hawaii
Terrence Houlihan, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Louie Tupas, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Markus Karner, Karner Consult Pte. Ltd., The Republic of Singapore
Ursula Magaard, world traveler
Matthew Erickson, University of Georgia
Claudia Benitez-Nelson, University of South Carolina
Christopher Carrillo
Dale Hebel, University of Hawaii
John Dore, University of Montana
Jennifer Brum, University of Hawaii
Anne Gasc, Oceanic Institute
Valerie Franck, Hawaii Pacific University
Paul Morris, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK
Evgeny Dafner, Coldwell Banker
Holly Rodrigues, State of Hawaii, Department of Education
Marcie Grabowski, University of Hawaii
Tom Gregory, University of New Hampshire
Patricia McAndrew, University of Texas
Doug White, State of Hawaii
Claire Mahaffey, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
Lucas Beversdorf, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Benjamin (Jay) Wheeler, Duke University